Other Projects

Research - 2020

Hate Speech Identification

Identify and improve techniques on detecting hate speech in social media text such as tweets.

Research - 2018

Affect Level Opinion Mining of Twitter Streams

Identify the emotions expressed by people on social media such as Twitter.

Research - 2017

Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis of Consumer Reviews

Explore novel techniques with deep learning and machine learning to detect aspects from customer reviews.

Research - 2017

DengAI: Predicting Disease Spread

Predict the number of dengue cases each week based on environmental conditions.

Product - 2016

TankGame by TechDuo

Intelligent game client that plays against other bots through a game server.

Product - 2015

Information Management System for Supermarkets

Information management system for Cooperative Society Supermarkets (Co-op City) in Sri Lanka

Product - 2015

EMOSYS: Environmental Monitoring System

Simulated Environmental monitoring system for Colombo District.

Product - 2015


Automation system to conserve electrical energy and to remote control electrical appliances.